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About LaChapelle Properties, LLC

LaChapelle Properties was born from the idea that doing a really good job for people should be more important than how how much commission a broker could make. 

Thirty years ago, Cynthia LaChapelle took a call one evening from a man with credit problems interested in buying a home. She worked with him to repair his credit and he was able to buy a nice home for his family. He confided that hers was the last call he had ever planned to make - just one more try to provide for his family before he ended his life. He'd made so many phone calls and no one else would help him, he said.  Since that day, helping people has become the main mission of Cynthia LaChapelle and the foundation of LaChapelle Properties.

Buying or selling a home is largest single investment most people will ever make. It is fraught with dangers and opportunities for both loss and gain. It is worth having a professional protecting your interests.  That is what we are here to do.

Our motto is Clients Are Protected for a reason. Webster's Dictionary definition #1 of Client is "One under the protection of another". Customer is "Someone who buys goods or services from a business". Most companies I worked at called people Clients, but they were treated like Customers. Brokers promoted how much business they had (ie how much money they made) as an enticement for new customers.

We get paid for our work too. We work hard for our pay. Our clients often get more money for their properties, or come out thousands better in repair negotiations, or find out something major/expensive because of a further inspection or investigation or just something that we knew. We are always studying and updating our knowledge of properties, hazards, legalities and all aspects of real estate to better serve our clients. We could make more money if we spent that effort on new sales techniques to lure people to hire us, but then we'd have lots of customers and few clients.

We keep working to learn how to make you more money, not ourselves. How weird is that? It's so weird, Mrs. LaChapelle had to found a new company to make it the Number One Mission.  


  • Cynthia LaChapelle
    Image of Cynthia LaChapelle
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: (919) 467-4645


    • Licensed since 1986, I earned my broker license in 2003 and opened LaChapelle Properties in 2005
    • Broker-In-Charge of LaChapelle Properties
    • NAR Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist Designation
    • NAR Accredited Buyers Representative Designation
    • Treasurer, Triangle Real Estate Investment Association
    • President Emeritus TREIA -- board member since 2006
    • Former Leader of Women in Investment Real Estate
    • Leader/Mentor of New Investors Group
    • Member Raleigh Regional Association since 1986
    • Member North Carolina Association of Realtors
    • I own and manage rental properties


    • Investment Real Estate
    • Relocation Clients
    • Understanding the Mortgage Industry, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
    • Luxury Homes

    Personal Achievements

    • Recipient of Award for Heroism from the Town of Cary and Red Cross for actions taken during a real estate showing
    • UNC varsity fencing team three years
    • NC Women’s Fencing Champion – Epee 1985
    • Graduated University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1985 with a BA in Journalism
    • Member of MENSA High IQ Society
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  • Walter Beard
    Image of Walter Beard
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: 919-539-4166

    Hi, this is Walter.  I have a tremendous passion for the real estate industry and for homes.  I LOVE my work, and after 33 years in corporate America* I finally have landed my dream job: helping clients buying, selling and investing in Real Estate.  I have been involved in real estate as an investor for 23 years, and have taken classes from California to North Carolina.  When I received my Brokers license, I joined LaChapelle Properties which is led and owned by one of the most experienced brokers in the triangle, Cynthia LaChapelle.  Our team here is very experienced in the residential market, work quite well together, and no problem or obstacle is too large or beyond our ability to find a solution.  With my long experience in the market, extensive professional background, and the support of my team, I am confident that I can offer the very best advice and protection to my clients.  If you wish to have an energized, knowledgeable (I am also a licensed electrical contractor**) agent on your side representing you either buying or selling your property, call me, Walter Beard at 919-539-4166—I will answer.

    *worked at 4 fortune 500s
    **received electrical license in 1991

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  • Bill Hasse
    Image of Bill Hasse
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: 919-816-5113

    I lived in South America for a couple of decades and moved to Raleigh in 1995  to work with the School Programs section of the Museum of Natural Sciences. I got involved with rehabbing houses to keep them livable, in part since it seems wasteful when a house deteriorates beyond use.

    I am excited to help clients find the house they want, where they want it, and avoid pitfalls in the process. The other side of this is using my knowledge of rehabbing to help people put their house in the best shape to sell when they are ready to make a move- get the most bang for their buck.

    While I am just starting out as a licensed Realtor, I believe that a large part of education is knowing where to find answers. With that in mind, I am glad to be working with LaChapelle Properties with a capable team of colleagues that regard problems as challenges, not obstacles.

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  • Abby Kurtz
    Image of Abby Kurtz
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: 919-741-9970

    Abby is retired from the Wake County School system. She is very detail oriented from her years teaching and cares deeply about her clients. Located in Raleigh her sphere of influence extends north, south and east of Raleigh also.

    Abby Kurtz - Broker with LACHAPELLE PROPERTIES LLC
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  • Frances Wirth
    Image of Frances Wirth
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: 919-210-9598

    Frances is an experienced broker located just south of Fuquay-Varina. She works incredibly hard for her clients and solves problems that seem insurmountable for most agents. She knows the smallest detail of the transaction, so she has advance knowledge of where things may go awry.

    Frances is also an investor, developer and landlord all over the Triangle so she is incredibly well informed about properties in a very large area. She worked at two other companies before she settled on LaChapelle Properties.

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  • Pamela Tant
    Image of Pamela  Tant
    1204 Village Market Place #223
    NC 27560 US

    Phone: 919-795-7572

    Pamela is a native North Carolinian and has lived in the areas around Zebulon, Raleigh, Cary, Wendell(Lizard Lick)  & now Knightdale. She has been licensed as a Real Estate Broker since 1985 and managed rental properties for several years. She has been in the computer software field for a number of years. 

    She has been a member of the Triangle Real Estate Investors Association (TREIA). While attending the women's group, WIRE, she met Cynthia LaChapelle and some the team members of LaChapelle Properties, she decided to become Active in Real Estate again. She chose to relearn the ropes of providing exemplary service by working with some of the most experienced brokers in the area of residential and investment properties in the area, here at LaChapelle Properties, LLC.

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